Demonstrably Felicious

Back to the life of a Demonic Summoner on Silvermoon!

Returning to the Void & Fel

After rejoining Fade for raiding last month, I asked our GM which class would be most useful for raids, and it looks like I’ll be ending the 2nd expansion in a row as a Void Elf Warlock!

So over the past 2 weeks I’ve been busy gearing up to get caught up to our main raiders. I started off at around 404 item level 2 weeks ago today, and within a week I had managed to jump to iLevel 440!

Over the past week I’ve picked up a couple more upgrades outside of raids and have increased that to a perfectly respectable 444 iLevel. The increase last reset for WQ rewards to a nice 445 for cache rewards gave me a chest upgrade from the 435 I had previously, and a 445 ring upgrade from 400 from the last World Boss, Shek’zera, which helped a lot.

PvP Rewards!

I also managed to wrangle enough Conquest through winning PvP battlegrounds to earn the 440 weekly reward, which last week was a new weapon! That replaced the 410/430 Main Hand/Off-Hand combo I had previously.

I’m still in the acclimatisation process of getting into the groove with Warlock again, and current raid performance admittedly reflects that. However given another few weeks of gearing and more importantly practice, parses should continue to improve beyond their average position at the moment.

However one thing I NEED to improve are my stats. I’m chronically low on both Critical Strike and Haste. Most top parsing Affliction Warlocks at my new item level have about 3 times the amount of Crit and Haste that I have right now, so I need to spend the next few weeks rolling for improved gear in terms of stats and not just item level.

I also have way too much Versatility, so shedding that for some Crit and Haste would be a huge increase to my output.

Shadowlands awaits…

I’d really like to get good again with Warlock, because I did really enjoy playing it in Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and Mythic Antorus before TreeHugging Hippies went tits up a couple of years ago, so getting back into the way of the Fel would be really satisfying, particularly as I tried and failed earlier this expansion with Damocles. Then again I was asked to switch, then immediately was asked to cripple my performance, performing roles better left to other classes, IE be an interrupt machine rather than actually use the utility specific to the Warlock class. Spoiler, pet-based interrupts are iffy at best, as I proved more than admirably…

Anyway, we’re back into Normal Nyalotha tonight, and as we sit we’re currently 11/12 done with Normal, and 3/12 done with Heroic so far.

We should, fingers crossed, get N’Zoth down this week to see Normal mode cleared, and should hopefully get a few new bosses cleared in Heroic this week as well to get us to at least halfway done with Heroic.

Eyes on World First…

The race for World First opened yesterday with the US reset, but as per usual I fully expect Method to begin their race today and get caught up, if not take the lead, very quickly.

Regardless, looks to be an exciting reset for progression in the new raid!